Eurokrise - Yanis Varoufakis: I see the Nazis already in power

NachDenkSeiten: Do you see a danger that the Chrysi Avgi would actually become the largest party at some point?

Yanis Varoufakis: I don’t see that, but what I see is something worse. I see the Nazi party, Chrysi Avgi, already in power. They are already in power as we speak! They’re not in government, which is a form of irony. Let me give you an example which made me feel deeply ashamed to be Greek.

Before the May, 2012 elections, the police apprehended a very large number of women on the streets of Athens, women that looked disheveled, that were possibly prostitutes. They were apprehended without warrant, without cause, on the order of the Ministers of Public Order and Health. They were thrown into cells, then photographed and subjected by force to HIV tests. When the results came back, those whose HIV tests were negative were released but the rest were photographed, their photographs and their names were posted on the government website and the women themselves, without any counseling or genuine medical assistance, were thrown in jail. That runs in the face of every liberal and constitutional norm or piece of legislation that I can think of, and it violates public health guidelines; it violates constitutional rights. Now, why did they do that? Well they acted that way in order to placate Chrysi Avgi, Golden Dawn, potential voters, and to try to lure them into voting for them, away from Golden Dawn.

(Via NachDenkSeiten; siehe auch: Yanis Varoufakis' Blog.)

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