Cubase 7 - Chord Track: Hollin Jones bei MusicTech


Cubase has always had more tools for working with MIDI and notation than most other DAWs and this trend continues in Cubase 7, which features Chord Tracks. These are a kind of MIDI track designed to aid composition by making it possible to create complex chords with just a few clicks. Better still, they are capable of far more than simply creating chords, and you get advanced scale, playback and even chord suggestion options to help you along.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a professional looking to save time, Chord Tracks can be a great boost to your music-making. Let’s look at how they work in the first of our Cubase 7 Tutorials.

Bei MusicTech findet sich eine sehr wohlwollende Einführung in das Thema „Chord Track”. Hollin Jones' Sicht auf das Thema (wie auch seine grundsätzliche Bewertung von Cubase) kann ich nur unterstreichen.

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