Beyond: Two Souls

Zum ersten Mal seit wohl zehn Jahren habe ich ein Computerspiel gekauft – und habe gerade ein wenig Mühe, den Controller aus der Hand zu legen, um einigermaßen pünktlich schlafen zu gehen.

Später mehr – ich komme wohl nicht darum herum, gerade über dieses Game ausführlicher zu erzählen.

Als Einstieg kann ich ein Interview mit Ellen Page (Jodie) und dem Autor, David Cage, empfehlen:

Q: David, can you describe the game?

David Cage: It’s as much a story as it is a game. As a player, you can switch between Jodie and The Entity that can go through walls, see people’s auras and move objects. But it doesn’t fit in any specific game genre. There aren’t any puzzles to solve. The player just makes choices, and their choices affect the narrative of the game.

Q: How is acting for a game different than the work you’ve done for film?

Ellen Page: There’s no set. No wardrobe. The only reference point I had was what David told me. It’s also not shot remotely in a linear way. Film isn’t either. But this is to an extreme. It’s a 2,000-page script. We’d do 30, 40 pages a day. It’s insane compared to a film. […] This is an incredibly emotional story and journey for this girl. Because it’s a game, you’re also having to record multiple responses for any one scene. So you’re having to make these snap transitions between an incredibly wide range of emotions. […]

(Hero Complex; via Wikipedia.)