Cubase 7 - Chord Track: Marty Cutler im Keyboard-Mag


The Chord Track is essentially a tool to remap MIDI notes, but that would be like describing three-dimensional chess as a board game. Still, it’s not a difficult concept: […]


What’s most attractive about Cubase 7 is its outstanding bent for providing tantalizing, one-of-a-kind creative tools that are aimed clearly at the “musician who wants to compose a song” more than the “engineer who wants to emulate a huge console and rack of outboard gear.” Both of those are legitimate approaches to designing a DAW, but for anyone who identifies more with the former, Cubase 7 will cut through the utilitarian tedium of modern-day recording and inspire your muse in all the right ways.

Marty Cutler faßt hier den springenden Punkt (in Betreff des Chordtrack-Features; im Review von Cubase 7 im amerikanischen „Keyboard”) knapp und treffend zusammen – ich kann dem nur zustimmen, soweit dies meine Sicht der Dinge betrifft.

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