Joss Whedon, the Beloved Character Slayer

Joss Whedon – with the shield of Captain Amercia


Many characters get to be heroes in the worlds of Joss Whedon, and many die heroically, but only the non-male characters get to be victims when they die. So, how does one reconcile Whedon’s deserved kudos for his treatment of women in genre fiction with the fact only the women, even (especially?) the empowered ones, wind up as victims when it’s their turn to greet death? Does it make a difference that most of the women are victimized by the men in the various series and films? Is that the whole point?

Why did it have to be bunnies?

Das ist kein schlechter Einwand – ich bin nicht überzeugt, ob er wirklich trägt, habe aber momentan keine Argumente, ihn zu widerlegen.

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